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Material Type Free:Fragrance Free, Preservative Free, Sulfate Free, Alcohol Free

Our 100% Unrefined Batana Oil originates from Honduras. Derived from the nut of the South American Palm Tree, Batana Oil is a nutrient-dense butter that has been utilized for centuries by the indigenous communities in the region to fortify and nurture hair.

For daily use, apply Batana Oil to the hair and scalp as a moisturizing agent. Its optimal use involves employing it as an oil for deep conditioning. Simply warm a small portion in the palm of your hand, gently massage it onto the scalp and/or hair, cover your head with a plastic cap, and allow the oil to permeate for a minimum of 20 minutes. Subsequently, rinse with warm water, shampoo, and condition as usual.


✅ Stimulates hair follicles

✅ Strengthen hair roots

✅ Promote hair growth and thickness

✅ Soften & soothes hair

✅ Treat dry scalp

Key Ingredients

Our serum has only essential ingredients for promoting healthy, natural hair growth.

🌿 Spanish Rosemary Oil

🌰 100% Pure Batana Oil

Batana Oil is Good For

  • Dry scalps
  • Anyone who experiences excessive shedding, or thin hair
  • If you have oil buildup or use a lot of product consistently
  • People who wear tight hair styles
  • People looking for a healthy, natural scalp care routine
  • Also note that it is safe if you have extensions
🔥Last Day Sale 50% OFF🎁 100% Unrefined Batana Oil
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  • 🔥 BUY 2 GET 1 FREE 🔥( 3 months - Hair Growth Cycle) - $29.97
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See What Others Are Saying...

I lost a lot of my fullness due to medication.I never had much of a hairline, but it got really bad. I felt less feminine and hardly left the house without a hat.I was using rosemary oil before this, but it didn't work nearly as fast as the batana oilI've been using this twice a week. Once a week I'd go to bed with it and wash it out the next day. A little goes a long way.Smell: when you 1st sniff , it smells like dark roast coffee with a little burnt popcorn. When I blow dry, it smells smoky. Overall not terrible, but I wouldn't leave it in for date night.

HofandHof -Verified Buyer

I have been losing hair for some time now. I have tried a few things before this and nothing has worked. One day I saw a video of Dr. Sebi saying that if you want to grow your hair back quickly we should use Batana oil so I ordered it and I lie to you not THIS WORKS!!!! FOR SURE FOR SURE. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and everyone I know can tell the difference. I have about 5 people who I have recommended this product to and they love the results as well. I am a life long customer. This company sells the best product. When you use this product you will notice that it smells like coffee but the smell fades. I don't drink coffee but the smell does not bother me in the least. It works wonders for me. I LOVE IT!!!

Christina -Verified Buyer

It does have a strong nutty scent that I would describe as peanuty… Maybe?
I apply it from root to tip and then put a plastic bag on my head and leave it as long as possible. I then wash my hair. Sometimes I shampoo twice to make sure the scent is off.
I’m not sure about helping with hair growth as I’ve only had it a few weeks, but it does leave my hair silky and more manageable. When I let my hair dry naturally, my curls are extra curly.
I can get passed the smell as I am not that sensitive to smells. Therefor I would recommend this product just for hair health results.
I will update this review if I start to notice new hair growth.

Corrine N. -Verified Buyer

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